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security systems that go beyond intruder detection

Home security systems go beyond detecting intruders these days. When my wife mentioned that she wanted to get a home security system, I kind of blew her off because we are not in a neighborhood that is very low risk. After she spent days doing research, printing this and that out and coming up with a whole presentation to show me why we needed to get a home security system, I learned why she felt the way that she did. We have worked together to create this blog to show other homeowners just how far a security system can go to keep your family safe.

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Use IP Video Surveillance to Improve Home Security

Internet protocol (IP) technology is changing the way that people protect their homes. While IP technology used to be reserved for making phone calls, this advanced technological feature has recently been taking the home security world by storm.

The installation of an IP video surveillance system could be exactly what you need to enhance your existing alarm system and provide superior protection for your home.


One of the primary reasons homeowners invest in security systems is to protect their property while they are away from home. An IP video surveillance system affords homeowners the mobility required to monitor their property from anywhere in the world.

IP cameras upload digital footage to a cloud-based storage site. Homeowners can log onto these sites to access recorded files or real-time video surveillance feeds. IP technology has made it easier than ever for homeowners to monitor their security systems while maintaining a mobile lifestyle.


In the event that a security breach does occur, you will want to be able to review the video footage of the event. Law enforcement officials can use any footage captured by your surveillance cameras to help locate suspects.

An IP video surveillance system makes it easy to access stored video files. You can clip, save, and send video footage from your smartphone or tablet. The accessibility of IP devices has helped to make IP video surveillance equipment more popular than ever before.


In addition to being easily accessed through a cloud-based storage system, the data captured by your IP surveillance cameras is easy to search. Each video file sent to storage from your surveillance cameras is clearly marked with the date and times included in the footage.

This labeling system makes it easy to search for video footage of an exact time on an exact date. You won't have to review hours of footage trying to find the information you need.; you can easily search for the date and time and pull up the file you need to deal with a home security breach in the future.

A high-tech home security system allows you to maximize the performance of your alarm system and keep your family safe. Video surveillance is a valuable tool in any home security arsenal. Improve surveillance quality by investing in IP camera equipment to install on your property in the near future. IP cameras can provide you with the mobility, accessibility, and searchability needed to make your video footage more useful. For more information, contact a security company like Sonitrol Security Systems