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security systems that go beyond intruder detection

Home security systems go beyond detecting intruders these days. When my wife mentioned that she wanted to get a home security system, I kind of blew her off because we are not in a neighborhood that is very low risk. After she spent days doing research, printing this and that out and coming up with a whole presentation to show me why we needed to get a home security system, I learned why she felt the way that she did. We have worked together to create this blog to show other homeowners just how far a security system can go to keep your family safe.

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Notice These Concerning Signs That Someone May Be Targeting Your Home

Sometimes, a person's home will be broken into with no warning at all. In other cases, there may be some subtle clues that someone in targeting the home. It's always a good idea to be on the lookout for the latter. Noticing these clues can encourage you to not only arm your home security system right away, but also call the authorities if doing so is warranted. Empower your entire family to watch for the signs that someone may be targeting your home for a break-in or even a home invasion. Here are some signs to look for.

Suspicious People Ringing Your Doorbell

Sometimes, burglars will ring the door of a home they plan to break into at a later date. When the homeowner opens the door, the burglar can either pretend to be visiting for a false reason, for example, saying that he or she is visiting looking for a lost pet, or may simply state that he or she is at the wrong house an apologize. These visits can help criminals assess the security of the front door, whether there's a home security system set up, and even who lives at the residence. If such an occurrence takes place, especially if it happens repeatedly, it's a cause for concern.

People Calling And Hanging Up

Another method of targeting a house for a criminal act is to call the home phone and then hang up when someone answers. This technique can indicate whether people are home at certain times of the day, which may be valuable if a burglar is planning to break into a house during the day when he or she thinks that the residence may be empty. Although telemarketers can often be responsible for phone calls of this nature, repeatedly getting calls, especially if you've noticed that they occur at the same time each day, should catch your attention.

People Watching Your House

Occasionally, you might look out the window and see someone keeping an eye on your home. Perhaps this individual is sitting in a car or maybe he or she is on a bench near your residence. Isolated examples shouldn't necessarily cause you to be concerned, but you should monitor the situations. This is especially the case if you see the same vehicles or people around your house repeatedly. Try to watch to see what these people are doing; it may be possible that they have an innocent reason for being in your neighborhood, for example. If you're worried, however, make sure that you arm your home security system.

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