security systems that go beyond intruder detectionsecurity systems that go beyond intruder detection

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security systems that go beyond intruder detection

Home security systems go beyond detecting intruders these days. When my wife mentioned that she wanted to get a home security system, I kind of blew her off because we are not in a neighborhood that is very low risk. After she spent days doing research, printing this and that out and coming up with a whole presentation to show me why we needed to get a home security system, I learned why she felt the way that she did. We have worked together to create this blog to show other homeowners just how far a security system can go to keep your family safe.

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Securing A House While Moving In

If you have just purchased a new home, then you may not be able to move all of your things in during a single day and stay there that night. You may need to move a little bit at a time which can leave the belongings you do bring to the new house at risk while you are still staying at the house that you are moving out of. If you have found yourself in this position, then it's very important for you to take certain measures to protect your things so someone doesn't break in and steal them. This article will give you some fantastic security tips for protecting your things at the new home:

Consider leaving a guard dog in the house

If you have a large and protective dog, then you may want to drop them off at the house as late as possible and go pick them up first thing in the morning when you may even be bringing another load of your items. If you are able to make it to the house enough throughout the day, then the dog may even be able to stay there full-time throughout the move. Hearing the large dog bark from inside may be all it takes to chase someone away who is even thinking about trying to get in the house. Keep in mind, the dog can't be left too long because they will need to be let out to relieve themselves. If you don't have this type of dog, maybe a family member or friend does and you can borrow it.

Keep the contents of your home unknown

You don't want to give anyone a glimpse at what you are moving in your home. For this reason, you should try to unload the items through the garage or in another way that obstructs people's views of what is going in the house. You also want to keep all the blinds closed at all times so they can't peak in and take inventory at any time. The chances are that you won't yet know any of your neighbors. Therefore, be cautious and talk to those who welcome you to the neighborhood outside.

Have a security system installed before you start moving your items in

One of the best ways to protect your items in your new home is to get a security system put in first thing. Hopefully, you can get someone to come out and install one before you even start the moving process. If you have a system put in that has cameras and remote access then you can even log into the system from your laptop and keep an eye on what's going on at the new house right from the house you are currently moving out of.