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Rural Crimes Are On The Rise: 3 Ways That Farmers & Rural Land Owners Can Protect Their Property

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While highly populated urban areas were once considered to have the highest security risks for home and property owners, this problem has now become all too common for small farming operations and property owners in rural areas of the nation. Part of this problem is because criminals are well aware that rural law enforcement agencies are often forced to cover large counties with a limited number of personnel and a very tight budget for fuel, training, equipment and vehicles. This gives the criminal a sense of security and an open invitation to commit the thefts, burglaries, property damage and other crimes in areas that are seldom patrolled and have a response time that offers the criminals a good chance to escape undetected, even if law enforcement is notified and enroute to stop them. If you own a farming operation, ranch or other rural property and would like to take steps to protect it, the following information can help.  Keeping an eye on your property, even when you are far away Improvement in cellular technology and wireless Internet availability has made it possible for rural landowners and farmers to keep watch on their property in real time, even when they are miles away. Security cameras, both still and video, can be installed that are capable of making images available to your computer, tablet or smartphone via the web. When criminal activity is noted, you can route the images to local law enforcement to help them make an arrest and fully prosecute the criminals. When using cameras, it is important to monitor key areas of your property, including:  entrances and exits of buildings and structures gates leading into and out of the property  areas where products and materials that thieves often target are stored, such as fuel and fertilizer storage tanks, vehicles, tools, equipment, anywhere that copper wiring or tubing is used and even valuable livestock, such as cattle When outfitting your rural property with security cameras, ask the security company about using solar power to provide electricity to power the cameras in areas with no connection to the grid or where connecting to the grid would be cost prohibitive. In addition to making the security system more economical, the use of solar technology will allow you to camouflage cameras more easily, without having any tell-tale overhead wiring that might warn thieves that their actions are being recorded.  Adding upgrades that will help deter theft Another way in which you can make your property less inviting to the common thief is to add upgrades to the structures and improvements that also help deter theft. One excellent upgrade to consider is to add electrical fencing a few inches inside your current perimeter fencing. When thieves attempt to climb over or cut through the perimeter fence, they will likely be turned away the electrical shock they receive when they make contact with a fully charged electric fence. Motion activated security lighting is another upgrade that can help to discourage nefarious activity. Motion lighting works well when placed near entrances and exits, gates and any area that contains high value items that thieves want to steal. Motion activated lighting and electric fence controllers are both available in solar powered units for use in areas where grid power is not readily available.  Banding together with...

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Planning To Travel The Country In Your RV? What Are Your Best Security Options?

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Traveling the country in retirement is a dream for many couples — and with gas prices still at their lowest point in the last 18 months, there is no better time than the present to pack up and hit the road. However, even the most freewheeling retirees may be worried about physical safety when parking at unfamiliar campgrounds and other locations. What can you do to prevent your RV from being burglarized? Read on to learn more about some basic safety precautions while parked in a campground or other public site, as well as some higher-tech security systems that can provide you with some added peace of mind.  What should you do to protect yourself while camping in an RV? While parking in an annual campground for months at a time is one of your safest options away from home (due to the close proximity of RVs to one another and the ability of neighbors and passersby to quickly recognize strangers), if you’re just parking your RV a few nights in a row and then hitting the road again, you may not be able to count on the “stranger danger” factor to help protect you unless you’re proactive. Read on for some safety tips you’ll want to employ even if you do later invest in an electronic RV security system. Park in a well-lit area Even if you require a completely dark room to sleep, investing in blackout shades for your RV’s sleeping room is a much better option than camping in a poorly lit area and giving a would-be burglar visual cover to toy with your door or window locks and open them. Be friendly with your neighbors One way to improve your RVing experience is to quickly introduce yourself to your neighbors once you’ve parked and set camp. Not only will meeting your neighbors face-to-face help you recognize strangers upon approach, it will help you establish yourself in the community (even for a brief time) and provide you with a bit of an informal neighborhood watch. Change to custom locks Because RVs are mass-produced, many models often share some version of the same default lock, making them easy targets for those who already have a key to the same model. Installing custom door locks and deadbolts can help ensure that any fellow campers with ill intentions won’t be able to use their own door key to unlock your RV. Invest in hidden storage If you can’t bear to leave high dollar value items (like jewelry and expensive electronics) at home, you may want to purchase some secret storage compartments that will help conceal and protect theses items in the event of a burglary. These storage compartments can either be custom-built into your existing RV’s frame or created in the form of a hollow locking book or slightly raised drawer bottom.  What are some high-tech security options that can provide further protection?   Even after taking these basic precautions, your RV’s doors and windows can be more vulnerable to outside entry than those of a non-mobile home. If you’re determined to deter burglars, motion lighting and door and window alarms should do the trick by immediately dispelling a burglar’s main advantage — privacy. Motion-detecting outdoor floodlights can be purchased relatively inexpensively, with some battery-operated models even attaching with magnets...

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Enhance Productivity Among Employees Using These Tips And Tricks

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Optimizing productivity within your business is an effective way to increase sales while reducing costs, which is sure to help you avoid profit losses as time goes on. Focusing on production in the workplace is also a great way to improve customer relations as well as enhance employee morale. Enhancing productivity among your employees can be a bit challenging, but the following tips and tricks should put you on the right track: Install a Security System Commercial security systems are great at catching thieves and vandalizers, but they can also be effectively used to improve employee performance, enhance customer experiences, and increase production levels within the workplace overall. Your security system can be used to measure employee efficiency, ensure compliance with securities laws, and monitor data security during business hours. Employees may also appreciate that the security system can document things like sexual harassment and safety hazards that help protect them if a complaint needs to be filed. But to ensure the success of your security system, it’s important to be upfront with employees about its use. You’ll also need to check laws specific to your state to determine whether or not there are any restrictions that have to be followed upon installation of your security system. It’s a good idea to create a company policy for use of the system so employees know exactly what to expect when it comes to privacy. Making it clear to employees how your surveillance system benefits them should help make them feel comfortable around the cameras. For more information about installing a security system, contact a company like A Tech / Easy Living Store. Incorporate Performance Reviews Another great way to improve production within the workplace is to provide regular performance reviews to each individual employees throughout the year. Whether once a week or once a month, employee evaluations provide the opportunity to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and develop customized training modules that aid with skill development and performance enhancement. These review sessions can also be used to help employees outline goals that get them excited about performing their jobs. And each evaluation is an opportunity to reward employees with praise, bonuses, or certificates for a job well done. The one-on-one training, goal setting, and positive reinforcement your employee evaluations offer should result in an impressive improvement in production levels. Spruce Things up With Color If the walls in your workplace are dull and grey, beige, or off-white, chances are that you’re encouraging depressing thoughts and behavior among employees which is sure to inhibit production levels overall. Color has the ability to not only affect the moods of your employees but also have a direct impact on their productivity levels. For this reason, it’s a good idea to decorate and accent your workplace with vibrant shades of color that enhance employee experiences in the workplace. Consider one or more of the following options: Invoke a sense of well-being and reduce stress levels with hues of green and blue. Encourage passion and intensity with bright red trim. Enhance ingenuity and creativity using orange accents. Infuse joy and happiness within a given space with the aid of yellow. You can infuse your workplace with color using a variety of techniques and methods such as trimming the walls, incorporating throw rugs and...

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Camera Considerations: Tips For Creating The Right Home Surveillance System

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If you’re in the market for a security system for your house, one of the things you should consider is a full video surveillance system. Before you invest in any video equipment, though, it’s important that you understand exactly what your property needs for proper security coverage. Here’s a look at some suggestions to help you map out your video camera placement. Sketch it Out In order to effectively evaluate your property, the best place to start is to sketch out the floor plan of the house and the yard outside. Consider doing this with a computerized drawing program so that you can create a plan that’s close to scale. The sketch gives you the opportunity to look at the coverage of cameras to make sure that you don’t end up with any blind spots. Make Placement A Priority Once you have the sketch completed, mark areas where you want to put cameras. Then, you can highlight the coverage range of each camera with highlights. This shows you a clear visual picture of what areas are going to be captured by each camera. If you have blind spots, consider whether they pose a concern. For example, a blind spot by a door is a bigger concern than a blind spot in a corner where the rest of the room is visible. The placement of the cameras should be a top priority. After all, you can invest in more cameras than you could ever use, but they won’t help if they aren’t pointed in the areas where people are likely to be. Here’s a look at some of the things you should consider as you position your cameras: Identifying Visitors It’s always best to have video footage of your entryways, including the front walk, your front door, and any other exterior doorways. By aiming cameras directly at these areas, you’ll be able to get clear pictures of each person as they arrive at your home. And, if someone should break into your house through one of those doors, you’ll get an easily identifiable image of them as they come in. Monitoring Regular Activities Another thing to consider is the ability to keep an eye on other parts of the house. The more of your home you cover with cameras, the fewer questions there will be if something happens. Consider putting a camera at the head of each hallway. That way, you can capture any traffic in the hallways. Do the same with any other high-traffic parts of the house. The more footage you get, the easier it will be to prosecute someone if they break in. Cover the Outside After covering all of the key areas inside your house, it’s time to focus on the outside. Walk around the outside of your house and look for areas that aren’t easily visible from the road. These are the spots you want to cover with cameras. Place surveillance cameras around your outer perimeter, targeting these less-traveled sections so that you capture anything that occurs out there as well. Not only is this helpful for potential burglaries, but it’s also great if you have an injury claim and you’re facing a significant expense on your homeowners insurance. The footage may give you evidence if the accident didn’t happen as it was claimed. Ultimately,...

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